Want a website for your Whangrei business? Jump to our web design section.

Want a website for your Whangrei business? Jump to our web design section.



Ranking 1st what matters? Click below to get yourself found today.

Ranking 1st what matters? Click below to get yourself found today.



Let us take care of your words. You take care of business.

Let us take care of your words. You take care of business.



We want to see businesses like yours grow. It really is that simple.

We deliver training, marketing and support.

We want to see businesses like yours grow. It really is that simple.

We deliver training, marketing and support.

Proudly Kiwi. We aim to be your chosen Web Design and Marketing Partner. We strive for your success.

Whangarei Based. Global Standards.

Aotearoa Web (formerly are trail blazers in the field of marketing. Over the past 5 years we have gown to a full creative agency to meet the growing demands of our clients and the changing nature of online marketing. We’ve carved our names as the top web development company in Whangarei, and the go to SEO Specialists. Can your business afford to go anywhere else?

We create websites that convert & marketing that delivers

Working With You To Deliver Results.

Our aim at Aotearoa Web is to deliver results. We know you have an amazing product and service and are busy enough juggling life to worry about what your marketing partner is doing. You want to see end results. This is where we support.



We know you have an amazing product.

We help your business find its voice.

Aotearoa Web - For brands and business serious about end results.


Your business results matter. We work with entrepreneurs and business leaders who are on a mission and want a partner to work alongside them.


We work with experts and leaders. We understand that your time is precious and you want to be able to entrust your marketing to a Whangarei creative agency that delivers.

We take the trust you place in us seriously. We aim to deliver the best possible outcome for our clients. Apply today to work with us.


Web Design. Google Ranking. Branding. Video. Copywriting. Traffic.

A relentless commitment to bringing your vision to life.

Web Design

From beginning to end. It is all about your goals. We deliver exceptional end outcomes to our clients through an unparalleled focus on their customer.Let reliable health insurance plans by expert insurance brokers provide the doorway to a future where your health and well-being are highly prioritised.

Google Rankings

Our reputation was created on the back of getting our clients to outperform their competitors. If you want to rank higher, it starts with a conversation with us.


Words Sell. Make yours count. We are your marketing partner. Craft a message tailed to your ideal customer to deliver your end outcome. Increased sales

Marketing Support

Your brand needs to live. We help clients through training and support and are proudly RBP approved. Take control of your marketing today with the support of our team.




Ready to take the next step?


Share with us what success looks like for you and how, together we can help you reach there faster.

Work with a local agency that delivers your desired end result.

What do you want to achieve from working with us?

Perfect - Simply provide your details

We can ensure you are found. Seen. And your business grows.



We are your local web design agency that works with entrepreneurs and business leaders that are focused on growth.

You need more than just a beautiful website. Does your existing website:

Capture the essence of your brand through design?

Serve as an effective marketing tool that reinforces your brand’s presence within your market?

Communicate with customers in a user-friendly, memorable way?

Drive traffic that converts your prospective customers and leads into sales?

If you answered “no” to any of these reach out to learn more about our web design services here in Whangarei, Northland.

Helping your Whangarei business find their voice.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If you cannot be found online, you are trying to market a secret.


We measure our results. Warts and all. Whangarei SEO isn't always 3 steps forward, and we wont lie saying it is.


No longer do you have to choose between a site Google loves to rank and a site your clients love to visit.


You want results. You deserve results. It is our job to provide these. So we focus on this not long term tie-ins.

Maximise Your Digital Impact

Ignite Your Online Presence with Aotearoa Web

Boost your online presence and achieve success, Aotearoa Web is the best place to go for all-encompassing digital solutions. With our expertise in a variety of innovative services, we are dedicated to assisting businesses in thriving in the dynamic world of digital marketing.

Crafting appealing site designs that optimise user experience for maximum engagement and conversions is something our skilled digital team excels at. We make sure that your brand is visible and attracts significant visitors by bringing it to the top of search engine rankings using strategic SEO techniques.

Discover what Aotearoa Web can do for you. Together, we can achieve digital greatness.

Work with a local agency that delivers your desired end result.

What do you want to achieve from working with us?

Perfect - Simply provide your details

Google Ads - Facebook Ads - Instagram - META


Paid traffic has a bad name. If executed correctly (and for the right industry) it is valuable.

Paid traffic can fuel your business growth. Learn how!


Paid traffic (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, IG Ads) increases visibility. We use correctly to increase sales.


We can help your ads run ads so they appear at the perfect moment. Increasing value and conversion.


Our Free Strategy Session includes a full audit of your existing services and company positioning. We only work with clients we can make a meaningful difference too.

Helping your Whangarei business find their voice.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Wording that talks to the heart


We craft stories and end outcomes to captivate your customers.


We don't ignore the elephant in the room (Google). We write to rank your business on Google and improve your rankings.


Your wording ISN'T about what you want to tell your customers. It's about how your company helps your client.

Branding and Videos


2 seconds goes by in an instant. Being remembered is key. Tell your story effectively with our branding and video services.


We work with leading Whangarei Photographers to ensure your brand and business is captured.


From scripting to editing, we can be as hands on as you need. Your story deserves to be told. We help achieve this.


Re-brand or new brand. We help develop a brand strategy that talks to your ideal clients like a long lost friend.

The Whangarei Web Design and SEO experts


Whangarei local, Aotearoa Web are the web development company that considers the technical, as well as the aesthetic, aspects of capturing and building a loyal audience.

At the end of the day, our goal remains the same – to improve your bottom line and convert more visitors into repeat customers.

Our promise is simple: to deliver a traffic-generating, lead-driving, and revenue-increasing marketing solutions, that provides the best ROI for your business.

Drive Digital Growth with Precision and Purpose

Chart Your Course to Digital Triumph with Aotearoa Web

Transform your business today! Here at Aotearoa Web, we understand the importance of being found in the vast online marketplace. Our strategic approach to enhancing your business presence ensures that your brand stands out amidst the competition, fostering credibility and trust among your target audience.

But we don't stop there. Our focus extends to boosting your bottom line by increasing sales and generating quality leads. Through targeted marketing initiatives and data-driven insights, we empower your business to achieve tangible results and sustainable growth.

Additionally, we can help you with you build and integrate online courses to broaden your horizons. Our adaptable platforms offer an ideal setting for hosting and delivering captivating e-learning courses, enabling you to successfully disseminate information and earn money from your skills.

Rank higher, get noticed more, and generate better leads - that's the promise of Aotearoa Web. Our goal is to help businesses of all sizes, from fledgling startups to well-established corporations, expand their success stories.

Let's embark on a shared path to online success!

We understand you are the expert in your business - let us share our expertise


Why isn’t my website getting any visitors?

The problem may not necessarily be the website design itself, but with how friendly (or optimised) it is for search engines. According to studies, over 95% of people who go on Google don’t even go beyond the first page of the results!

To get the clicks and traffic you want, your website needs to not only be on the very first page of Google, it also needs to be as close to the top as possible to get as much visibility from potential visitors when they are searching for something on search engines. No matter how good your content is or how beautifully designed your graphics are, if your keywords and headlines aren’t targeting the right audience, then you’re never going to get any visitors.

Do I really need to hire a web design company?

We’re sure you’ve been getting a ton of ads on social media for services and templates that promise you can build your own website in 3 simple steps but take our word on this one – hiring a trusted web design company will be the wiser and more cost-effective option in the long run. We know finding that partner can be hard, but we dont want you to kiss (or contract) lots of frogs (web design companies). Hence our 100 day promise.

Professional web designers aren’t just thinking about aesthetics – we’re thinking about functionality, accessibility, user experience, overall layout, and even mobile friendliness. A truly good website is able to seamlessly merge function with aesthetic. The problem with cookie cutter templates that are readily available online is that they’re often a one-size-fits-all solution. Best to leave the work to those who know how to design a website – Whangarei based Aotearoa Web. Our web design services will carefully sculpt your website to ensure that it mirrors your brand and speaks to your target demographic while highlighting your unique selling points. Because a website is more than web design.

How long will it take to get a new website?

The time it takes to set up a website will depend on the kind of web design services you’ve chosen. In our experience as a Whangarei web design, SEO and creative agency, launching a websitecan take as little as a few weeks to several months. We promise not to be the bottleneck to your project however.

Once engaged to be your creative and web design partner, undertake site design analysis as well as bench-marking to see how you fair against your competitors. We use this data as part of our Web Design guarantee, to ensure within the 100 days we outperform your existing site - or we give you your money back!

We also perform quality checks before your site goes live, and, unlike other web design agencies submit your site actively to Google. We set internal project management milestones to keep the project on track.

So, get your skates on as before you know it we will be asking for feedback on your new website.

How much does a Whangarei website cost?

The cost of building a website depends on the complexity of the project and your requirements. A standard web design and development package includes website analysis and pre-design; front and back-end development; website testing and QA. You might add other services to your package, such as: content creation; migration of existing content; SEO; or e-commerce. We apply standard man-hour costs for each aspect of your project. We submit a formal proposal which contains information about each component to all of our prospective clients. But once you see the site we build, you’ll see why many brands trust us as their website design partner.

I’m looking for an e-commerce solution. Do you design and develop e-commerce websites?

Yes! We offer multiple e-commerce development solutions: Our recommendation will depend on your overall e-commerce objectives. To learn more about our Web design services visit our Web Design Page.

Do you only create websites on your own platform?

We are comfortable working with other platforms, but our platform is optimised for speed, usability and functionality. If you have a platform you would like us to work with, get in touch and see how as the Whangarei Web Design experts we can help.

Will I be able to update the site myself when it’s finished?

Yes! A website that you and your team will be able manage on your own is vital for your site to not sit in a corner and be forgotten about like the potted plant you forget to water.

Am I tied to your Whangarei Photographer?

Not at all. We work with companies all across Aotearoa, not just here in Whangarei. We proudly work with an array of photographers - and indeed recommend the best photographer for your needs. Whangarei photographers niche, and so we help ensure end outcomes. We don't want to develop a website for it to be let down by imagery. We can project manage and book your Whangarei photography session for you, or you can do this yourselves. What matters are images that work for your social media, Whangarei Website, SEO and paid ads.

Do I need a website - have social media accounts?!

While having a strong social media presence is important to any brand, it is not enough. This is because search engines can’t fully crawl or read social media accounts. Search engines have been found to favour content that is published on your own website rather than on a Facebook or Instagram post.

When social media companies change their policies on what is allowed, how it ranks and how traffic is generated, do you want to be at their whim or own and control your own platform?

A well thought out website also provides you as a business owner to share much more value to your customers - and in a manner that is of more value, than any social media account can.

TOP TIP: Google recommends writing at least 500 words per page and you can go as long as you’d like describing and discussing your brand, products, and services. (Just remember to be engaging!)

Do I still need a website if I’m conducting an offline marketing campaign?

These days, there’s no distinction between “online” and “offline” marketing anymore. With people spending more and more time online, the best and optimum way to utilise your marketing efforts is to use both online and offline channels. Targeting only one will leave you leagues behind your competition.

Potential customers use both online and offline advertising to gather information on a product or service they’re interested in. For instance, when stuck in traffic you may be subject to a billboard ad, coupled radio advertising the back of a bus with (typically) a real estate agent smiling back - and this is all before you even take into account the shop ads you may pass. Whilst you may remember the company name - you are unlikely to remember a phone number - leaving you to go to Google and searching for the business or brand.

If your customer can’t find you online, the likely scenario is they will contact a competitor despite the fact they are looking for you - all simply because the final step of having an online presence was not there. Don't let your customers benefit from your hard work.

Investing in an experienced web development company in the Philippines ensures that your offline marketing efforts will be funnelled into an online channel as well as allowing you to run online campaigns. This widens your reach and allows potential clients to access you from anywhere at any time of the day. Having a well constructed site ensures they can also easily find all the information they need about all of your products and services, and can even allow them to conveniently buy it right then and there.

Will you maintain my website for me?

We offer site maintenance as part of our web hosting fees. We offer incredible value that means you don't have to worry about all those niggly extras that plague your website after it is built.

Who writes the content for the websites you create?

Anyone can write for the websites we create. You can contract a copywriter, the president or CEO of your company, your in-house marketing team. If you have a team member who has the passion and skill to write we can add this copy to your website.

Alternatively we can write this content for you, optimising the copy for conversion, search engine rankings (SEO) and answering the questions your customers are searching for.

We would love to have a chat about your content requirements. When it comes to writing copy for SEO - we are delighted to help. We are the Whangarei Web Design experts.

Will I find my website on the search engines?

Yes, your website will be searchable on Google, Bing, and other search engines. All websites we develop are SEO-ready. This means your SEO-ready website is optimised for website indexing by Google.

Google can take (typically) two to four weeks to rank a new website.

Being searchable, however, doesn’t guarantee top rankings in search results. Giving your business online visibility through high search rankings on Google is the job of SEO. That’s where we excel. So speak to us today about our SEO services and how we can help you be found, be seen and increase sales. Guaranteed.

I already have a website but its not working and needs updating. Can you help me?

Yes of course we can help with your Whangarei web design requirements. Most of our clients came to us because their previous sites we not converting and working as they should.

Book a free strategy call, and let's work together - in person or online - to see how we can help you be found, grow and achieve your business goals.

I don't know how to run Google Ads. Help!

We would be delighted to help. Google ads (and for that matter any ads) need to be specific, measured, attainable, relevant and time based. (SMART).

We can happily share our experience and expertise to advise whether it is worthwhile you running ads. To do this we need to sit down with you to understand your products and services. So book a call today.

Do you offer Small business logo design?

Whilst we partner with amazing logo designers and brand specialists for our larger clients, we understand that smaller clients still need a logo and brand. We offer wordmark logos (logos formed by a word or words) for free for our clients. It's our way of supporting future Entrepreneurs.

Go Beyond the Hype

Data Fuels Insights, Trust Fuels Success!

There's a prevailing perspective that positions data as the new oil. And that's not surprising! While data may be valuable, trust is priceless. At Aotearoa Web, we're committed to earning and maintaining your trust by consistently delivering results that matter.

Empower Your Brand Forward:

Our Comprehensive Aotearoa Web Solutions Await!

Explore the wide range of services offered by Aotearoa Web. Discover endless possibilities to enhance your online presence with our highly-skilled digital team. Committed to your digital triumph, we ensure every interaction leaves a significant mark. Utilising our expertise in web design and SEO strategies, we can drive your brand towards long-lasting success in the highly competitive online landscape.

Ready to amplify your digital footprint? Join us today and fill in the form. Aotearoa Web is the starting point for your journey towards realising your full potential online.

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Ready To Go Digital?

We love supporting small and large businesses in our hometown of Whangarei and across Aotearoa, New Zealand. We make bold commitments because our clients are Whanau.

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